About BC Kickstart

What is BCKickstart?

BcKickstart is a financing and investment platform created by Barnsley College. It is designed to raise funds for Barnsley College and University Campus Barnsley students who wish to set up new projects or expand existing projects, including their own businesses. BCkickstart is also a platform for students who wish to raise funding for other initiatives* such as fundraising for employability and work placements. The scheme is overseen by the iTrust Board of Directors, which includes Sir Nicholas Hewitt (Owner of the Barnsley Chronicle) and Chris Webb (Principal and CEO of Barnsley College). BcKickstart compliments the iTrust initiative which supports entrepreneurship across Barnsley.

Why BCKickstart?

The Enterprise Department of Barnsley College promotes and supports entrepreneurship throughout the College. Such support including various departmental activities often result in students coming up with a variety of novel ideas and activities covering employability projects, work placement initiatives, exhibitions, events and new business ideas that they would like to organise, research, develop or launch. These novel ideas often require some funding. However, lack of funding often presents a barrier to students developing these ideas which is why BCKickstart has been created.

What is in it for a donor or investor?

BCKickstart provides an ideal opportunity for individual donors and groups of donors who wish to showcase their commitment to youth development and entrepreneurship in Barnsley. As such, with their permission, individuals or groups donating to BCKickstart will be featured prominently throughout the Barnsley College, University Campus Barnsley, local press and the regional press.

How do I become a BCKickstart donor or investor?

Prospective donors can make donations to existing projects or find out about creating their own projects by visiting the link below. A number of conditions apply to making donations to Kickstart so if you wish to make a donation please see the FAQ section.



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