Do all your job placements meet the following criteria?

    - A duration of at least 6 months
    - At least 25 hours per week
    - At least minimum wage (paid through PAYE)


    All Kickstart placements:
    - must be exclusive to the Kickstart Job scheme
    - must not replace existing or planned jobs
    - must not cause existing employees or contractors to lose or reduce their employment
    Do you meet these criteria?


    Employability Support:
    As part of the Scheme, you need to provide employability support.
    This includes help with:
    - Attendance
    - Timekeeping
    - Teamwork
    - Communication
    - Travelling to work
    - help with CVs and career planning
    - help looking for work after the 6 month placement.

    To assist employers, Benchmark Consultancy will provide an employability support service to
    the young people taking up the kickstart roles within your organisation. This will be funded by
    the additional grant that the government provides for support and training at no additional cost
    to you.

    By ticking 'I accept' you confirm that the information in this application is correct, complete and accurate and that you are authorised by your organisation to make this application.

    By submitting / signing this form, you agree for Benchmark Consultancy to act as your appointed Gateway AND support provider. We do not charge any fees for this service as our fee
    is paid by the Government.

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